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Whether purchasing a car, getting a job, buying a house, or renting an-apartment, your credit score will be the single most important factor considered. Today it is not an option to have a good credit score, it is a requirement. If your credit score is too low, you need to take proactive steps to fix your credit report. Call today for free           consultation @ 321-400-9179. Take advantage of our special offer and payment plan.

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We are well aware of events in the mortgage industry and the issues you may face when buying or refinancing a home. Our program is uniquely capable of helping you become lender-ready in the most efficient manner. Let us help you reach your goals.


If you are seriously delinquent on your car loan payments, a car loan modification could help you keep your car and avoid repossession. Auto loan modifications are simply adjustments to your monthly payments (and sometimes your interest rate) which are made to help you avoid repossession. Banks sometimes allow for loan modifications as a final, and last-ditch effort to avoid having to take the car away from you. Not all banks will allow you to modify your car loan. However, if you know you simply can't afford the payments, trying costs you nothing.   

With the number delinquencies and charge-offs increasing across the country, credit card companies are increasingly likely to modify and negotiate the terms of your credit card account. Modifications can include changes such as interest rate reductions, lower minimum payments, and even a reduction of the balance. Banks and credit card issuers hope that they can recover whatever money they can from you for unpaid bills, rather than letting the debt go entirely uncollected, or see you file for bankruptcy.


When a competitive market demands the best, Florida Real Home Investors LLC offers many advantages by providing access to services and providers that will help give you the winning edge in buying or selling a home in Central and South Florida.